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GameChange Solar 631 MW Genius Tracker™ Rising Up in Southern Texas

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NORWALK, Conn., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- GameChange Solar announces a 631 MW Genius Tracker™ system rapidly rising in southern Texas. The system will be the largest solar PV project in the state, and, ultimately one of the largest in the country after completion. The project consists of 1.4 million solar modules across 4,000 acres in Wharton County (just outside of the Houston Metropolitan area). This capacity will generate 500 MWac / 631 MWdc of renewable energy thus projected to power 100,000 homes annually. To meet growing regional demand, the power generated at the project site will be bought online in blocks and sold to the ERCOT wholesale market in 2021. The EPC anticipates the project will be completed mid-2022.